A Legit myPadMedia Review

Welcome to a legitimate, no nonsense, myPadMedia review for anyone interested in this low cost ebook service for the iPad. When I first discovered myPadMedia I was definitely a little skeptical to how quality the service truly was.

For only $49.95 the promise and unlimited ebook service for the iPad seemed a little
crazy. So I began searching the web like crazy to find more information on this product. The first problem I ran into is that I couldn’t seem to find one legitimate review out there.

Visit: www.MyPadMedia.com

The problem with all of these bogus scam reports and reviews is most of these people have never actually used the product. That’s right, they just throw together a web page that is 100% bogus without a single piece of factual information. The sad thing is people fall victim to this every single day and there is little regulation on these practices.

One of the first concerns I had with myPadMedia was whether or not the service was a onetime fee or monthly fee. The site clearly says its a “one-time fee” but I am always skeptical with digital products. Fortunately the service is a onetime fee and you have lifetime access to myPadMedia’s library of ebooks as soon as you check out.

You’re probably wondering what kind of books myPadMedia actually gives you access to. I was hesitant about myPadMedia at first because they really don’t give too many details as to the types of books they provide. Well they definitely have tons of very popular books and update them daily, which is why they don’t put a list of books on their site.

They also offer comic books which is one of my favorite features of myPad. Personally I’m kind of a comic book junkie so I just can’t get enough of their comic book library. There are 4 different categories of books available; superhero action, manga, anime, and comedy comic books. Popular producers such as DC and Marvel are usually where most off their books come from which is nice.

If you are a frequent News reader than myPadmedia also has a great news feed from several of the most popular sites. You can download News direct each day and stay up to date with everything happening in the world.

Heard enough? Ready to just download myPadMedia already?

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How MyPadMedia Works

Using the program is extremely simple, and doesn’t even require you to download any software. You just use the log in information after you set your account and you’re good to go. Upon logging into the myPadMedia user interface you will notice that it is very easy to understand and you will be able to access each category with ease. There is a tab for each different type of book(books, comic books, news, etc.) and from there you can download any of the books you want from their database. Regardless of whether you have a Mac or PC the download process is very smooth and you actually download the books straight to your iPad.

You would think this would have to involve some sort of P2P file sharing network but it actually runs on myPadMedia’s own network and you don’t have to worry about any copyright infringement.

MyPadMedia Return Policy

The company is really open with their return policy, making no effort to keep the details a secret. You will notice right on the side bar and bottom of the check out screen their 60 day money back guarantee. It’s nice to see a company displaying their money back guarantee so proudly instead of keeping it a mystery. Usually it’s a red flag with most online products when they keep return information in small print on the very bottom of the page.

Find out more at MyPadMedia's Homepage

So if you aren’t satisfied with myPadMedia than don’t hesitate to following the easy return instructions. Since myPadMedia is ran through the Clickbank marketplace all you have to do is vists clickbank.com and file for a return. Clickbank is a highly reputable product network that allows for very easy returns and most people that purchase digital products don’t even know about this. So if you are unhappy with a digital product you purchase online, chances are it was through Clickbank and you can get a full refund.

If you want to receive a refund on myPadMedia you must purchase it with paypal. It clearly states on their terms that they can only refund a purchase made through paypal.

MyPadMedia Customer Support

myPadMedia has a reliable customer support department that you contact through email to following address: contact@mypadmedia.com

They usually respond within 72 hours, depending on the volume of support tickets coming in. As a test I sent them a couple quick questions and they actually responded within 24 hours which was quite surprising.


For the relatively low price My Pad Media is definitely a solid investment for iPad owners. Using iBooks can start to put quite the dent in your pocket with books usually ranging from $15 to $25. As I said in the beginning of the review, most people writing reviews on this product haven’t actually even tried it. You really can’t get too much information on a product from someone that hasn’t even used the product.

Since I was interested in using myPadMedia myself after and found so many bogus reviews out there I just had to put together this myPadMedia review and set the record straight. myPadMedia is legit product that will save you tons of money on books and media for your iPad. For the incredibly modest price of $49.95 it will have paid itself off after you have read 3 books. That’s the beauty of this service, it pays for itself in no time and you only have to pay a one-time fee instead of an ongoing subscription.

Thank you very much for reading, get your subscription to MyPadMedia Here...